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Winging evolution has been rapidly developing and it's the fastest growing water sport right now. It's in its infancy, growing quickly and making a huge impact on the watersports community. WingFoiling is like a cross between Foiling and kiteboarding, that borrows the best of both worlds. We use a hand-held Wing to power a SUP board or foilboard. The new Wing designs have propelled this new sport into the spotlight. WingFoiling has already taken off and is quickly attracting followers around Jupiter and Stuart, Florida. Some people describe WingFoiling as less extreme than kiteboarding, with more freedom than Foiling, which adds to its over all appeal.

WingFoiling Lessons: We now offer WingFoiling and WingSurf-foiling lessons for all levels, beginner to advanced. We provide all the gear and equipment to get you out on the water. Your Instructor can help recommend you the best equipment for your level and the conditions. Wings come in a variety of sizes to suit different riders. 

Learning to WingFoil or WingSurf is a great way to harness the wind and engage with the water. WingFoiling combines using a free moving hand-held wing while standing on a foilboard / surfboard. Our instructors are 20 years experienced and will show you the basics on land, and in the calmer waters closer to shore. No experience is necessary. All participants must be able to swim. 

Jupiter Kiteboarding Wing-Foiling is the perfect lesson for an individual, family or friends, with no previous experience, who wish to learn the fundamental skills that lead to safe and self sufficient at, wing surfing, wing foiling, wing boarding, we create the best learning environment and tailor the instruction to each individual student to boost your progress.  We choose the Stuart Causeway Park location with sandy beaches and flat water and we only ride when the weather conditions are suitable.  Please call 561-427-0240 and choose option 3 from the menu.


**** There are NO Refunds for Lessons. A Store credit will be issued to any client who wishes not to complete their lesson package. There is no expiration to the credit issued, and you can apply to anything on our site, or share with a friend.


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