2 Hr Kiteboarding Lesson: Discover kiteboarding

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2 Hr Kiteboarding Lesson: Discover kiteboarding Info

   Lessons are the only way to get you up and start Kiteboarding quickly and safely. The average person requires about 6-10 hours of lessons to get up on a Kiteboard and be an independent ready to purchase the equipment and ride on!

During your lessons Jupiter Kiteboarding provides all of the latest equipment for the lessons, safety gear and one-on-one instruction with one of our certified/professional instructors. 

We offer lessons 7 days a week, all lessons are wind a weather dependent, and we need the appropriate conditions to Kiteboard and teach.

Call the Shop for info on scheduling, 561-427-0240.


Discovery 2 hour lesson plan:
This lessons plan is to get you into the first steps of being an independent Kiteboarder. We will teach you the fundamentals needed to get you on track to being a pro! We want to be sure you learn everything that is needed to be able to get out there on your own safely, and with this discovery you will learn what it takes to be a Kiter first hand. 


This lesson plan includes basics of kite flying including: weather parameters, acceptable locations, kite history, safety, setup and flying. In your lesson, you will learn how to:

- Determine wind direction
- Kite set up: how to pump, walk with kite & connect lines
- Learn about wind window
- First Flights in neutral positions
- Twist and untwist lines
- Release bar and use safety release and safety leash
- Kite recover on land ( Self rescue)
- Learning full Wind Window, clock positions, power zone, launching and landing areas.
- Launching and landing with an assistant and as an assistant.
- Power zone discovery without power
- Pilot in harness with one hand
- 1st Body drag, going downwind on right and left side


* Our instructors recommend flying a trainer kite previous to taking a lesson, or after taking the Discovery lesson. to get a basic knowledge of the wind and wind window. Inquire in the shop or with your instructor about getting your training kite today. 

Trainer Kites are smaller kites that will teach you about the wind window and weather conditions.  To fly a trainer kite, it is not necessary to have a full private lesson.  Although it is not required to fly a trainer kite previous to taking a lesson, individuals that have flown trainer kites advance much more quickly during lessons. 


*Once you have a purchased a lesson we will call you to schedule an appointment.


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