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Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite For Kiteboarding Info

The Slingshot B3 trainer kite is the perfect learning tool for the sport of kiteboarding! It comes with everything you need in order to learn how to become a kiteboarder or just have fun at the park or beach. Even if you already know how to kiteboard this is the perfect thing to have for all conditions and to introduce friends to the sport.

The Slingshot B3 trainer is the most popular for adults. It delivers power and pull similar to the larger inflatable kites. It comes complete with the control bar, safety leash, flying lines and bag. The Slingshot Trainer Kites have a proven reputation as the best trainer kites ever produced and they are easy to fly. These kites are durable, forgiving and provide a background in basic flying skills.

Most people that learn kiteboarding have little experience with kites. Many come from a background of similar sports like: water skiing, surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.  Even though these sports are related, kiteboarding is significantly different and requires instruction.  Here at Jupiterkiteboarding we recommend that you start with the basics of kite flying and always follow the safe kiteboarding guidelines.

Jupiter Kiteboarding believes strongly in the use of trainer kites. These are smaller kites which you can purchase and fly before taking a lesson. Although trainer kites comes in several sizes, they are much smaller on average than the inflatable kites that are used on the water for kiteboarding. 

The main skill to master with the trainer kite is steering while maintaining correct body posture. Once the trainer kite has been mastered we recommend taking a lesson with one of our IKO or PASA certified instructors.  On average 3 – 9 hours of instruction is required to get up and going on a board.

(Sorry, we cannot accept requests for specific colors.  Kite in photo may not be color that is shipped.)

The first step in learning to kiteboard is becoming familiar with how a kite flies. Here is how you can learn from the safety of the beach with the Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite.



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Best trainer Kite on the market for value and performance. I started with this trainer kite and it is my go to for teaching lessons!

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The slingshot B3 trainer kite is the most versatile best valued all-around user-friendly trainer kite on the market. This kite will give you closest feeling of the amount of power and control to that you would find in a four-line SLE kite. This kite is excellent not just for training purposes, but for the all-around kite enthusiast. Utilizing the wind for more than just training how to kitesurf, it provides you the ability to expand your kite sessions to a skateboard, landboard, buggy or even snowkiting. This is a great all-around introduction tool for the soon to be or experienced kite flyer.

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This kite is my favorite toy! It has enough power to pull me around on the grass on my mountain board when its only blowing 10kts. So much fun, and I use it to teach all my friends to kite. What a great kite. I don't let the kids fly this one when it's "super windy" because it will launch you off the ground. I also have the smaller version that I put the kids on and the grandparents...
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