Ozone Vortex Ultra-X

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Ozone Vortex Ultra-X Kiteboarding Kite

This is the kite for anyone ready to take their twin-tip riding up a level! A King of the Air double-loop kite that also makes huge boosts and big air progression easy. The Vortex is a tightly tuned, lightweight, three strut design that’s been supercharged with an Aluula airframe. 

If your biggest love is to blast around on a twin-tip sending it big, whether you're already pulling kite loops, or are serious about learning them, the Vortex is for you. Lighter in steering and more whippy in its response and turning than the Edge, the Vortex accelerates around its tips, turning very consistently without any pause in flight. The Vortex will take anyone's twin tip riding to the next level.

Aluula can provide a tensile strength increase of as much as 38% compared to standard material construction, while tear strength is up to seven times greater. Combining those advantages with the fact that careful integration of Aluula can also deliver up to a 30% weight saving, it’s the right air frame material for the high-performance goals set for the Vortex Ultra-X


New school big air inspired 3-strut design with ultra stable Aluula airframe
16 point leading edge bridle connection for extreme stability
Accessible and forgiving big air performance
Fast handling and fast flying with super reliable catch after a kite loop
Programmed for first kite loops to biggest doubles
Lightweight design and easy bar pressure
Double Transversal shaping for tight and efficient canopy
High-strength and low drag Technora bridle lines
Ride full power for max air time all day


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