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A board that sets the bar for innovation and sustainability. Designed for the joy of freeriding and riders of all levels, the Era transforms your first rides into unforgettable experiences and unlocks advanced moves effortlessly. With progression at its core, this board is your ticket to pushing boundaries with confidence and style.

Smooth rides guaranteed

Chop, flat, you name it. With a strikingly wide keel, this board achieves a pleasantly smooth ride. The curved channels give the board an extremely good glide and great upwind characteristics. With its parabolic outline, splashing water is effectively reduced and playful carving properties are achieved.

The heart of the Era lies in its Paulownia wood core, cocooned within innovative and sustainable basalt fabric. Crafted from natural volcanic rock, basalt is processed into continuous textile fibers. This unique material not only provides exceptional cushioning but also ensures remarkable take-off performance.

Paired with our Greenpoxy® resin, boasting a 35 percent plant-based composition, the Era marks a breakthrough in eco-friendly board design.

Key Features:

BASALT FABRIC: naturally efficient, durable and powerful

The top-tier performance and maximum durability come directly from the fabric used in the Era. The fabric is extracted from basalt - a natural volcanic effusion. Like glass fibers, basalt can be processed at high temperatures into continuous textile fibers, which boast higher tensile strength, compressive strength, and stiffness. The result? Outstanding cushioning and explosive bounce potential. This means that you will experience a smoother and more comfortable ride. Furthermore, both energy consumption and CO2 emissions from production are significantly lower than that of glass and carbon fibers.

PAULOWNIA LIGHT: lightweight wood core with high strength

We meticulously select Paulownia rod slats with the lowest weight and expertly bond them together to create a dynamic and high-performance core. This careful selection process allows us to reduce the specific gravity of the core by an impressive 21 percent, resulting in up to 250 grams of weight reduction without compromising strength.

GREENPOXY®: composed of 35 percent plant-based molecules

Both the Era and Fusion are coated with GreenPoxy 33, an epoxy resin composed of 35 percent plant-based molecules—a cutting-edge advancement in bio-based chemistry. Extensive testing across various CORE prototypes over several years has consistently demonstrated the resin's superior quality and performance. This confirmed our decision to go this more expensive but more environmentally friendly route.

SLIM OUTLINE: smooth running and plenty of grip

The Era's unique parabolic outline is a game-changer in kitesurfing design. The deliberately slimmed tip width ensures effortless handling while generating a harmonious ride experience with unmatched grip during gliding jibes and turns. Compared to Fusion and Choice models, the Era demands only basic rider skills, thanks to its slightly smaller tip width. Plus, the concave at the board's end enhances edge grip while adding a touch of flair with a subtle spray effect.

CHANNELED MULTI-CONCAVE: effortless upwind glide

The concaves and channels come in a very special arrangement. Proven in flow analyses, the water currents are directed in optimized directions underneath the Era. This leads to extremely good glide and upwind properties.

VOLUMINOUS CENTER KEEL: low water resistance

Based on the "Bulbous Bow" from modern shipbuilding, the Era has been given a strikingly wide keel, which also influences the flow patterns in a targeted manner and reduces water resistance. In addition, it effectively breaks the surface tension of the water, which contributes to superior handling, especially in chop.

DOME DECK: sporty ride and massive pop

The concave of the underwater hull is also depicted in the deck. This controls the board flex of the Era and increases stiffness, especially in the middle. For example, the reverse flex can be reduced during hard edging as well as after flat landings, which contributes to sporty handling and massive Pop.

VEE ROCKER: speed on demand

For the optimal setup, the Era has three rocker lines matched to the board size. At the same time, the concept of the Vee rocker was retained and refined accordingly. The bend is most pronounced in the center of the board and decreases towards the tips. Due to the maximum bend in the center, the board is fast and protrudes far enough out of the water to minimize splashing water and eliminate fin catching.

EQ FIN SET (48MM): plenty of grip and agility

The Era's wide fin base, resembling a Beluga's profile at the front, effectively prevents water soaking. Unlike standard fins, speed doesn't compromise grip, making it easy to switch even at full speed. The rounded transition between fin and board reduces drag at surface junctions. The hollow EQ fin is 30 percent lighter than the equalizer fin, enhancing agility. The rough surface is also the technical icing on the cake: in turbulent flows, the precisely defined roughness further minimizes suction and increases mobility.

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