2023 Duotone Vegas

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Dial the kite into the way you want to ride for the day, set it for unhooked with maximum power delay, or for loops with maximum power. The Vegas has a trophy cabinet that's buckling under the weight of the silverware. The choice of champions such as Mikaili Sol and Gianmaria Coccoluto, and progressive legends like Aaron Hadlow. Designed to perform at the very highest level for the most demanding riders looking for the ultimate in freestyle performance. The key to the kite's continued success is the power delay the kite delivers after take-off. As well as providing explosive pop, the kite lines go slack after you release the edge. This allows you to perform the latest tricks with ease and the only thing holding you back is your imagination. There is no better-performing kite on the market for unhooked riding; with the loaded 5th line and pure C kite shape, this is a thoroughbred waiting to be tamed. Sometimes the wind is strong, and freestyle fades with thoughts of big air and powerful loops; the Vegas has this in its DNA and gives you an exciting ride with plenty of control and power in abundance. Pull the trigger, send the kite, hang on, or park the kite, load, edge, and pop; the choice is yours; defy gravity however you choose to ride the Vegas!


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