Wainman Hawaii 2.0 9m Smoke Kite Only

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Wainman Hawaii 2.0 9m Smoke Kite Only Info

The much anticipated Rabbits 2.0 are finally ready to be released. Updated graphics, reinforced leading edge, and all new Carrot Bar control bar are just a few of the new additions to the Rabbit Gang. The kites stayed grunty, powerful and now even more ultra smooth with the new carrot control bar, ceramic center line swivel and new flag out system. The smoke has been our go to kite. It's fast, powerful, stable, and one of the most fun kites we have tried. Now with the new carrot bar and reinforced leading edge we are eager to go bash some waves right in the face! Wainman Hawaii had a real winner of a kite in their first generation and it doesn't look like they were willing to give up pole position this generatiion.

The Smoke 9m Profile:

With The Smoke, life is never boring, that is a fact.

With this dude by your side, every day brings action and excitement. From his look this guy may seem to be a very proper and calm character, but dont let him fool you... ...

Smoke has already proven that he is the unquestionable number one, the undefeated world champion of all weight classes, with many titles around his neck and thousands of faithful, almost addicted, friends around the Globe.

Smoke a 9 m kite that is an absolute must for every rider`s quiver. Its wide range covers all those windy days when you are just dying to ride and its versatile skills make it an all in one kite for every rider.

SMOKE 'em if you got 'em.

Carrot Bar Details 2012:
Small Bar: 43.1cm 21.5m = 17+4.5m ; Front Lines = 727lbs ; Rear lines = 485lbs
Medium Bar:  46.6cm 23m = 17+6m ;  Front Lines = 727lbs ; Rear lines = 485lbs
Large Bar: 50.1cm 24.5m = 18.5 +6m ; Front Lines = 727lbs ; Rear lines = 485lbs


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