Ozone Enduro Kite Only V1

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2016 Ozone Enduro Kite Info


The Enduro V1 design is inspired from the outstanding Catalyst 2015 model. We have refined this all-round kite improving performance for the intermediate to advanced rider looking for a kite than can really do it all. Any style - any conditions - the Enduro V1 will have you ripping!

The Enduro V1 bridges the gap between our extensive range of kites, offering all the essentials for freeriding, freestyle and wave riding. It incorporates an Open-C shape and a swept arc, delivering a large wind range, direct response, amazing handling, boost for jumping and drift in the waves.

For Freeriders the Enduro V1 excels no matter what board you choose to ride on the day. From twintip, surfboard or foil board the smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

In the Waves, the handling, de-power and drift opens up a world of opportunity. For surf freestyle the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and airborne tricks easy to learn and land. The Enduro V1 is not as dedicated a wave kite as the Reo, but it still delivers solid wave riding performance.

The Enduro V1 makes freestyle progress fun and easy from your first unhooked moves, kite loops and right up to advanced unhooked riding. The Enduro V1 delivers accessible pop and drop making learning technical moves and handle passes easier, without needing to be as aggressive in your riding compared with a C-kite such as the C4.

The Enduro V1 features multiple back line adjustments to customize steering pressure and turn speed. Combined with our Variable Bridle Geometry, this allows you to customize the feeling and performance of your kite.

Variable Bridle Geometry settings - quick and easy to change with no extra lines to add or remove:

Freeride – The Freeride setting offers the ideal balance in performance and feeling for all-round riding in any conditions. This is the factory setting and we recommend you try your Enduro V1 first on the Freeride setting.

Wave – The Wave setting decreases the bar pressure, and increases steering reactivity in all states of power and de-power - it is easier to turn the kite while de-powered when riding a wave.

Freestyle – The Freestyle setting increases sheeting bar pressure, increases power in the kite loop and increases pop for unhooked tricks. If you prefer a heavier and direct feel this could be the setting for you!


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I got to try out the 7m Enduro in about 14 knots of wind with the hydrofoil. I was really impressed with how responsive the kite is, it flew really well in the window and its power delivery was pretty spot on. Relaunch was fast and easy, even in the lighter winds for the 7m. I had to work the kite a bit, because it was on the light side for me. It was a lot of fun to play with and work around the window. I would have loved to try it out on a twin tip with stronger winds. It had really nice loops with power all the way through. It seems to me its a great all around kite, I would have no issues switching my quiver to all enduros for all aspects of kiting. For my wake style, megaloops, kite-surf or hydrofoil.

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One of the best all around kites ever super fast!:)
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