NSP Classic E2

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NSP Classic E2 Info

The NSP 10’2” SUP is a great all-rounder developed for cruising, cross-training, and riding small waves. This is a board that will accommodate all types of paddlers.
The key feature of this board is the volume to size ratio. Boxy full rails and a generous outline which spans 32” in width means that just about anyone can ride this board without fear of tipping.
It is incredibly stable which makes it a popular board for SUP school operators, yoga enthusiasts, and surfers who like to walk the board and nose ride.
The relaxed rocker combined with a rolled bottom that runs into a single-to-double concave through the tail, strikes a balance between glide on flat water, and mobility on the waves.
If you’re looking for one versatile board that will excel on all levels then the NSP 10’2” SUP is the obvious choice. 
Approximate Board Weight: 11.6kg

The 10'6" NSP SUP is a bit more rounded out up front and fuller through the tail than the 10'0" it was based on. It has more glide and is at home with just a single fin although it has a three fin option, like all NSP's, with all fins included. While this board is often found gliding at your local lake, the 10'6" is also excellent in the surf. The 10'6" is still small enough to transport easily. It's the all-rounder for SUP paddlers under 85kg/185 lbs who enjoy both flat water and surfing their SUPs.

The 11'0" NSP SUP is the perfect versatile SUP for anyone up to 95kg/200lbs. This board does it all well. The 11'0" is very stable, durable and light. For cross training SUP paddlers finding their way into the surf, this board is gaining a lot of popularity. The glide and stability that make it good for working out and exploring your local lake, also give it effortless wave catching ability for novice SUP surfers.

With the 11'6" NSP SUP, whether you are training, fishing, surfing or looking for a board that can easily do it all well, the 11'6" NSP is a very good choice. Big paddlers, first timers, schools and flat water adventure paddlers love this board. This 11'6" is stable, glides well in flat water, noserides, surf's well, and can double as the family tandem too. Good for riders over 95kg/200lbs.


10'2'' 32'' 4 7/8'' 205 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 sides ideal for all weights
11'0'' 31'' 4 1/4'' 190 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights
11'6'' 33'' 4 3/4'' 224 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights


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This board has the new handle and it has the tie-downs! It is much easier to pick the board up off the water or put it on your car with this new style handle. I really like the full deck pad so my kids can go all the way to the front. The smooth deck pad is also great for getting on and off the board with very little abrasion. It was a great idea for them to add the tie-downs because now it is easy to carry your life jacket and other stuff. This board is unbelievably durable, after some time it started showing some scrapes and chips but the integrity of the board is solid.
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