NP Edge Wind Full 5/4/3

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2016 NP Edge Wind Full 5/4/3 Info

Edge Wind is the ultimate wind-sport wetsuit that combines warmth and wind-chill protection with stretch and durability. Featuring the innovative Armor-Skin neoprene, Fireline insulation, heat-trapping Matrix Mesh and full P-Skin tape, the Edge will keep you toasty warm on the coldest of days. Take your performance to the next level.

Recommended Temperature: 48 - 54° F / 9 - 12 °C 


Armor-Skin- Exclusive hybrid neoprene that combines warmth and wind-chill protection of a mesh wetsuit with the durability of a double-lined suit. Armor-Skin is made from Apex-Lite core, laminated with an elastic jersey and sealed with a waterproof, Super Durable Skin (SDS) layer that cuts down on wind-chill and protects the suit from wear and tear. Featured on the shoulders and thighs where it’s most needed.

Matrix Mesh- Closed-cell neoprene with the addition of a 3D matrix of air chambers that trap heat and increases buoyancy and flexibility.Air pockets insulate the body the way double-paned windows insulate a house. The end result is a warmer and lighter suit without adding thickness.

Fireline- Fireline is an exclusive, ultra-warm, feather-light and stretchy insulation layer. Consisting of brushed, quick-dry polypropylene lines knitted over jersey, it feels soft and warm to touch. The brushed surface absorbs moisture which is then heated by your body creating a warming greenhouse effect inside the suit.


  • Apex Plus- All-new silky smooth neoprene with 25% more stretch. Apex-Plus is made from Apex Lite core laminated with a unique, silky outer jersey containing more spandex for flexibility and a soft hand feel. The Apex Lite core is infused with more microscopic air bubbles making it stretchier, warmer and lighter than traditional neoprene.
  • Armortex KneepadsHighly durable, abrasion resistant 4-way stretch material.
  • Key Pocket- Pocket with elastic loop to secure your keys and wax comb.
  • Aquavents- Water venting system located in the ankles that releases water caught in the suit.
  • E3 entry- Pull-over bib that prevents water from entering through the back.
  • Griplock wrists and ankles- Grippy silicone seal to prevent movement and water flushing in.
  • P-Skin- P-Skin is a thin, stretchy, non-stick polyurethane sealant that is applied to seams for maximum waterproofness. It’s stretchier and thinner than the liquid seam often seen on other wetsuits. P-Skin is machine applied so it allows for a much neater finish than liquid seam.
  • Ankle cinch loop with detachable ankle cinches- Keeps ankle cinches in place to prevent water from entering

Size Chart

Size Height Chest Waist
US EURO Ft/In Cm In Cm In Cm
S 48 5'7" - 5'9" 171-177 37-40 94-101 30-32 76-83
M 50 5'9" - 5'11" 175-181 39-42 99-106 32-34 81-88
MT 98 5'11" - 6'1" 179-186 39-42 99-106 32-34 81-88
L 52 5'11" - 6'1" 179-186 41-44 103-110 34-36 86-93
LT 102 6'0" - 6'2" 183-189 41-44 103-110 34-36 86-93
XL 54 6'0" - 6'2" 183-189 43-46 108-115 36-38 91-98


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