Mystic Len10 Longarm Shorty 3/2 mm Double Fzip

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Mystic Len10 Longarm Shorty 3/2 mm Double Fzip Info

Mystic Kiteboarding design wetsuits specifically for kitesurfers. Compromise and multi-use constraints are not an issue, their wetsuits are designed for kitesurfers by kitesurfers that incorporate features other wetsuit designers wouldn't think of. 

What we're looking for is a wetsuit that is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions that our sport can throw at us, yet have that in-built flexibility which allows us as a rider to perform the way we want to play! They even look good too!




  • M-Flex Neoprene: M-FLEX (TRI SPAN) provides 100% Stretch. The most flexible neoprene in our range. M-flex gives maximum flex and durability. This lining has multiple advantages. Most noticeable is the stretch capability. For example a 3mm TRI Span arm panel can easily stretch up to twice its original length. Furthermore the lining is made more durable by cross weaving, is therefore able to stretch evenly in all directions and feels soft on the skin.

  • Impact Protection:- Strategically positioned under the arms for minor impacts.

  • Durable water repellent finish



  • Glued and Blind Stitched - Before the pieces are stitched together, they are 2 or 3 times glued. To prevent leaking stitching holes, this stitching method penetrates only half of the neoprene thickness. This ensures a flat and waterproof seam.

  • New panel layout

  • Reduced panel construction

  • Kinetic seam positioning: Essential seams are positioned sideways of joints such as the knees and elbows. Therefore there is less tension on the seams when flexing or extending the extremities. Positioned seams make the suit more flexible and adds comfort and durability.

  • Less seam connections

  • Taped seam connections: An extra neoprene patch on top of inside seam connections. It reinforces the connection, improves durability and makes the suit more waterproof. All inside seam connections we put a piece of tape in order to reinforce the strength of
    the seams.

  • Curved seam ends

  • Glued stitching ends



  • Front-Zip Entry: 
    Positioned on the front of the wetsuit, this construction provides an easy entry. Providing much more stretch for your back allowing for more freedom of movement.

  • Non-Slip Cuffs:
    A silicon print located inside the cuff, to keep your cuffs in position and prevent water from coming in.

  • Zipper Stop

  • Blind Zip

  • YKK Metal Zipper Puller

  • Water Outlet - If water penetrates the zipper - the backup system guides it straight out of the suit through the water relieve hole.

  • 3mm - Body / 2mm Arm/Legs

What is a Double Lined wetsuit ? 
A double lined wetsuit is quite simply a suit that has a lining on the inside and a similar covering on the outside of the suit for extra warmth and durability.



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