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Jimmy Lewis Hover Craft Info

The new sport of Foiling is here and we quickly realized that to be comfortable, and also get the most performance out of our foils we needed a new board specifically designed with ONLY foiling in mind. These short lengths allow for much better performance, maneuverability, and glide once on foil and the extra width through the full outline of the board, especially the tail, gives you incredible stability, paddling and tracking for these short boards.

The rocker line was also designed with stability, tracking, and paddle speed in mind but also to not “stick” in the nose when coming down from the foil. The tail rocker is also very important in giving you that initial “pop” and water release to effortlessly get up on foil. We were very lucky to work with Alex Aguera from Go Foil who helped us with the testing/development of these boards and gave us expert knowledge on optimum tuttle box placement as well as ideal stance and foot placement.

Generally a lighter board will allow you to glide longer on foil which makes our Signature and Carbon Sandwich constructions the perfect match for these boards to keep them very light weight while giving maximum strength and reinforcement for the tuttle box. The deckpad has a center line as well as two horizontal lines for riders to get an accurate and quick visual reference for foot placement for riding without straps. Board has 5 different insert options for foot strap location and comes with foot straps.


  • 7'3″x30″x3.75″ (105L)
  • 7'9″x32″x4.1″ (130L)
  • 8'5″x33.5″x4″ (144L)


  • White
  • Mint Green


  • JL Classic construction
  • JL Carbon construction


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awesome board light, responsive, works great with the foil easy to catch waves and hard to destroy keep up the good work

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Paired with the Kai Go Foil this board is great for getting lifted. Being new to foil boarding this board was very forgiving. The broad nose made for a very stable ride and soft landing after broaching. Smooth turns both while planing and while off the foil. Looking forward to riding this board again.

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I used this board the first time I ever tried to foil, it's definitely the right board to learn on. Within minutes I was up and riding, I was surprised how easy it was to stay stable. When it lifts into the air it glides smoothly and the board is super forgiving when you make the wrong move; it is boyant enough to when it falls back toward the water it doesnt go under but it bounces on top so you can catch your balance and keep riding. It gave me a really good first experience foiling and made me excited to try again. Extremely happy with this board.
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