Hooked Sup Fishing SUP

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Alex Aguera Hooked Up Fishing Stand Up Paddleboard Info

Fishing, Tandem, or Beginner SUP!

The Hooked SUP designed by Alex Aguera is the most stable standup surfboard in the industry today. It was designed with the fisherman and diver in mind. It has two insert areas for Scotty’s brand deckmounted rodholders. One forward and one aft.There are 12 tiedown points, 6 forward and 6 aft for leashing down all types of gear. Full EVA deckpad for comfort and grip on the board. The bottom of the board is flat from side to side to add to stabilitty One anchor mounting area in the nose and one in the tail. This user friendly board is 36″ wide and is 11’8″ long and 5.25″ thick while still weighing only 38 lbs. The board will float over 400 lbs because of its massive 285 liter volume.The Hooked SUP features a totally flat deck for ease of moving around and balancing. Some other “fishing designed” SUP’s have contoured decks and do not have full length deckpads which makes tying down gear and movement very cumbersome and ackward. This board has been designed by a fisherman to make for the most functional fishing SUP and not just an afterthought.
The Hooked SUP can also be rigged up with an electric trolling motor while using a 120 Coleman quart cooler.
And with all of the gear removed, the Hooked SUP is a great paddling Standup Board by itself and a blast for the whole family.


  • Dimensions are 11’8″x 36″x 5.2″ thick
  • A massive 285 liters of volume! Floats 300 lb riders ..
  • Full EPS (styrofoam) sandwich construction
  • Boards weigh about 32 lbs!!
  • Surf it, Fish it, or just paddle it…Best board for freshwater too..

Stand Up (SUP) is the fastest growing watersport in the world. There are many reasons people flock to this incredible new sport. Reasons vary from Stand up paddling being a great workout, especially for your core muscles, to relieving stress with the solitude of getting out on the water and forgetting the worries of everyday life.

Stand Up paddling started in places with surf but has expanded to anywhere there is water! You can really have fun paddling in flat water areas like lakes, bays, and rivers!

Freight charges apply to stand up paddleboards.



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I took my entire family on this board and we paddled out to the sandbar. My wife, 2 kids and dog all fit on this board. It's super buoyant and stable. I was surprised how light it was when I took it out of the shop. A+ fishing and family board.

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All of us at Jupiter Paddleboarding love the Hooked Up! This board is a beast! So stable, smooth and fun! I use it for 1st time newbies, big guys, tandem paddling, and Yoga. I have yet to fish from it but I plan to. I did a tour one day with a 9 year old sitting in a full size lawn chair on the nose of the board! We paddled 2 miles without a hitch. She was actually able to walk around on the front of the board while we cruised. To say the board is stable is an understatement! It's a platform to do just about anything , fish, tandem, free dive, shoot photos, take the whole family for a ride! The Hooked Up is a super fun board! Highly recommend!

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I used this board for my first time paddle boarding. I fell in love with it! I already was thinking of things I could do on this board, like fishing, island hopping,snorkeling. Easy to stand up on. For me this was a good choice.
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