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Bandit 6

The Delta C Shape design, the revolutionary patent known to F-one, is the base of the Bandits development. With 5 best-seller editions, the choice of the Delta shape speaks for itself and is known to be a great long-term option. This shape guarantees an easy relaunch, with the auto-relaunch feature and offers a great performance in all kiteboarding disciplines. In conjunction with the Evo bridal system, which allows a 5th line safety system but without the inconvenient, the design is a definite winner. Compared to other kite shapes with great depower, the Bandit’s bar depowers on a short distance, which allows the rider to depower completely his kite without having to extend the arms fully and offers more reactivity. Another advantage is the easily accessible trim cleat, for an easy adjustment of the power. We can confidently say that the Delta C Shape is one of the latest great evolutions in kite design on the market and even though the design was copied many times, none ever equaled the performances of the original.

Our first goal this year was, as usual, the increase in the wind range even though this aspect was already a strong feature of the Bandit. A wide range of use offers two main advantages: a great riding comfort associated with safety and a smaller number of kites to have for a complete quiver. We worked especially on the control of all the shape changes in powered and overpowered situations as well as the lateral force produced by the kite in the high wind range. With the B6 at 12 (neutral position) on the beach you will already feel a better control while sheeting out (pushing the bar out) and a greater stability feeling, which will make you more confident. On the water, the lateral traction as well as the pressure on the board, in the legs and in the back was reduced, increasing the comfort of the rider by a lot. The B6 will allow you to control your direction with more ease.

The feel of the Bandit 6, in a few words: More stable, less unwanted movements (fluttering) while riding with a greater smoothness, control and less lateral force. All this added to a definite lighter feeling and a more efficient, and direct feel in the bar.

Monolith 2013 bar with 24m Lines

The new 2013 F-One bar is made with the brand new Monolith technology, the latest jewel from the F-One R&D team. For increased safety and comfort, the bar ends are molded with a soft material. The anti-sliding thermoformed grip has also a double Eva layer on top of the bar. The new Monolith bar setup is compatible with the Bandits 4, 5 and 6.



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