Exway X1 Electric Skateboard

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Exway X1 Electric Skateboard Info

Powered by dual rear hub motors, the Exway X1 high-performance electric skateboard provides the feel and ride of a traditional long board with almost limitless power on-demand.

The Exway X1 is totally programmable and features slow and gentle settings for beginners as well as advanced turbo-tuning for speeds up to 25 mph.

With its natural ride and dual hub motors, the Exway X1 electric skateboard is the perfect balance of traditional long boarding and technology.


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Wow, super fast! This board feels great. It has smooth and responsive acceleration and braking. Comes with great trucks and has a very sturdy feel. Great carving and turning abilities. I love the remote control too. Feels comfortable and intuitive in your hand and comes with a wrist leash. The board also coasts really well when you let off the acceleration. Has a nice iphone app too that allows you to fine tune the settings.
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