Cabrinha Foil Masts

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Cabrinha Short Mast Info

The Cabrinha Short mast is compatible with 2017, 2018 and 2019 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil and Hi-Rise foil sets.

1x Cabrinha Foil Mast; 
No mounting hardware 
85cm, 60cm, 40cm


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For the $ it's totally worth it! Makes short mast makes foiling in the sandbar super fun.

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Worth every single last penny!! I have taught many people how to foil, my wife, my friends and customers. Having a short mast to start on is a no brainer. It makes everything sooooo much safer and easier, but most importantly SAFER. It will come all the way up and what comes up must come down! With the short mast It makes everything much more manageable. Learning how to foil is by far no easy, but using a short mast gives you a good fighting chance, and minimized a lot of struggle managing the board in the water and once on the board above the water. If you will not take lessons, ( also a good idea) at the very least get a short mast for learning. Take it from a PRO!

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Absoutley the best way to start foiling! It slowey eases you into the feeling of it and helps you get used to the motion before you jump on the larger mast. It's a whole lot safer and gets you more comfortable with the sport. Go for it!!

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This is the best way to get into foil boarding. Takes 99% of the danger out of it. I would highly recommend starting with one of these very short masts and getting yourself stable before you go to a longer one. This helps overcome stability problems on the board. Even if you are an experienced foil border with this short mast you will try tricks that you have never done before. Also a great way to work on transitions like tacks and jibes.
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