2021 GoFoil NL Series Front Wings

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GoFoil NL Series Front Wings Info

NL means NEXT LEVEL !!!

If you want more speed, more grip in  radical turns, then go for the NL. Thinner profile for more acceleration and top speed. Need some experience to enjoy it!

Part of the new High-Aspect series, the NL or Next Level is built for high performance.  Ideal for advanced surf/sup riding and all levels or wing foiling, these take efficiency and top speeds to the next level.  They are ready for all that you can throw at them and respond with precision.

These wings feature the new 1.5 series construction with shiny finish for lighter weight and more streamlined glide.  This new series is compatible with all Gofoil Mast/Fuselages and should not require much fitment like A-la-carte wings had in the past.

For maximum top speed, we recommend using the pedestal and high aspect 18", 17.5", 14.5", or 12.5" stabilizers. However, if you want more lively turns you can use the Kai stab.  If more slow speed stability is your goal, then pair it with as Maliko stabilizer.

Compare Go Foil wings

                                              Under 140 lbs              140-180 lbs              180-210 lbs
Surfboard – small waves    Nalu/Kai/GL140    Kai/Iwa/GL180    Iwa/Maliko 200/GL210
   Surfboard – large waves    Nalu/GL100    Nalu/Kai/GL140    Nalu/Kai/Iwa/GL180
       SUP – small waves    Kai/Iwa/GL180    Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200/GL210    Iwa/Maliko 200/ GL240
           SUP – large waves    Nalu / GL140    Nalu/Kai / GL180    Nalu/Kai/Iwa/ GL210
 Downwind on surfboard    Iwa / GL180    Iwa/Maliko 200/ GL210    Maliko 200 / GL210
         Downwind on SUP    Iwa/Maliko 200/ GL210    Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL240    Maliko 200/Maliko 280/ GL240
                   Kiteboarding    Nalu/ GL100    Nalu/Kai / GL140    Nalu/Kai/Iwa / GL140
                Wakeboarding    Nalu/Kai/Iwa / GL180    Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL210    Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL240
                   Windsurfing    Nalu/Kai / GL100    Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 /GL140    Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL180


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