2020 Duotone Evo

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2020 Duotone Evo Info

The 2020 Duotone EVO

It's hard not to love the Duotone Evo 2020. Hangtime,freeride, freestyle, big air and kiteloops. 
The Evo 2020 can do it all. A quick relaunch and a large depower make the Evo 2020 everyone's friend. 
A wonderful kite for all levels. This year with new fixed bridles, stiffer LE and new trailing edge. 

So, what’s new? It seems small, but the consequences are huge. The new Duotone Evo 2020 has a fixed bridle, instead of a pulley bridle. The leading edge also had to become stiffer due to this change. The result is that the Evo is more playful and direct. You now feel better where the Evo 2020 is in the wind window and what the kite is doing. In addition, the trailing edge pattern has been changed with the combination of materials and the tip geometry. In the video below the changes are discussed and explained by designer Ralph


  • All-round | Freeride | Freestyle | Big air
  • 3 strut design
  • Delta profile
  • Now with fixed bridle
  • New trailing edge
  • Sturdy leading edge
  • Trinity TX Teijin canopy
  • Fast relaunch
  • Large depower range
  • Long hang time
  • Can be adjusted personally



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