2019 Liquid Force Trip

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2019 Liquid Force Trip Info

Now in its 20th season, the Liquid Force Trip is newly redesigned and the best one yet! From pros to novices, everyone rides better on a Trip. Turn quicker, jump higher, and most importantly, have more fun doing it.

There are those boards that come around and forever change a sport. The Liquid Force Trip did just that when it debuted 20 long years ago and redefined what a wakeboard should look and ride like. Fast forward to 2019 and the Liquid Force Trip is still doing the same thing but better than ever before.

Possibly the most popular wakeboard ever built (we can’t confirm total sales numbers), the Liquid Force Trip is a hit with everyone from total beginners to the best pros in the world. This timeless board is designed to help you make quicker turns, jump higher, land softer, and smile bigger when behind the boat.

Novice riders will enjoy the Trip’s forgiving feel on the water and its smooth, predictable pop. More experienced wakeboarders like how consistent the pop is off the wake, making it a great board for learning new tricks or adding more style to their current bag of tricks. A great value pick for those not looking to spend $500 on some pro model board, the Trip does everything you could ask for and leaves you cash for gas money since you’ll be riding all summer long.

Redesigned again for its 20th anniversary, this modern Trip shape is designed to perform on the bigger wakes that boats are throwing these days. Each of the four sizes are an entirely new shape, inspired by the original Trip but built to ride better than ever before. Improvements include a new hull, molded outside fins, fuller tips, and added rocker. The end result is more pop, more control, more height, and more fun because that is what ultimately matters.

We are tripping out over the 20th anniversary Liquid Force Trip wakeboard and you will be too once you give it a ride.


  • -All New Shapes and Sizes
  • -Diamond Bat Tail Shape
  • -New Wider Tip and Tail
  • -DISC Hull
  • -Variable Edge Rail
  • -Longer, Molded In Outside Fins
  • -Removable Center Fin
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker


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