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   You asked for it, now are you ready for the EVOlution? The best all round kite on the market, now in a three strut format! The EVO is a very popular kite for North Kiteboarding, with exceptional hangtime and huge boosting capabilities. For 2018 the EVO was completely redesigned, taking the great DNA from the previous models and using all our knowledge to create a truly fantastic delta shaped kite. The goal was to keep the incredible upwind performance and huge jumps with floaty hangtime, but also to make it easier to fly. Removing two of the struts took some of the stiffness out of the canopy and improved the handling of the kite. It also reduced the bar pressure which makes it an easier and less demanding kite to fly. With easy sheet and go handling, and incredible relaunch, huge hangtime and blistering performance is within easy reach for every kiter out there. The EVO is also exceedingly versatile, so if you are looking for a kite that can boost to the moon, handle the latest freestyle tricks and tow you into some amazing waves, the EVO is it!

New for North Kiteboarding in 2018:

   For 2018 North Kiteboarding has taken the canopy material to a whole new level. Trinity TX is the most advanced fabric material on the market, and exclusive to North Kiteboarding. Its a premium quality material built to last. Super strong and resilient to rips and tears. Combined with Teijin, the worlds leading supplier of polyester fabric and sail materials in marine sports today and North Kiteboarding, Trinity TX was born. It is a 3x2 canopy material, and has been proven to exceed any other canopy materials in terms of dynamic performance and durability. The 3x2 yarn is covered and protected before being woven into one fabric, is proven to be the best solution in terms of performance and durability. Overall, remarkable better to any 2x2 or 4x4 yarn solutions. TRINITY TX, was made to stand the test of time! 

     The double coating process of the new Trinity TX creates a very direct and crisp response to turning, and enduring a long term durability and heavy resistance to the harmful UV rays, and also from sand, salt, stones and other hard objects.

     The double coating process of Trinity TX creates a crisp and very direct response to steering, ensuring long term durability and strong resistance against any environmental factors such as UV. The unique coating procedure ensures that each individual yarn is covered and protected before being woven into one fabric. The additional second coating then protects the canopy as a whole, safeguarding the crisp texture of the material for longer. This process not only keeps the canopy material protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also from salt crystals, sand, stones and other sharp objects.


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