2018 Cabrinha Drifter Kite Only

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2018 Cabrinha Drifter Info

Specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves and surf freestyle, the newly designed 2018 Cabrinha Drifter will be appreciated by a large group of surfers.  The 3-strut hybrid design offers 2 bridle settings for both Onshore and Offshore tuning options.  New Pure Profile Panels  and High Tenacity Dacron  provide superior power delivery and enhanced arc stability.  Quick power and depower response with amazing relaunch ability makes this kite excellent of wave riding.


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I have not spent much time riding waves because I could never get the feeling it was like wave surfing because of the kite. I got to try the new 2018 drifter and catch a few waves the other day in some messing conditions and this kite was really holding its name! I would slip in on a waves until i felt the power of the water pushing me along, and pushed the bar out to let of the slack, boom! I was riding the was and the kite was just following along, when i felt i needed the kite back I would snap the kite around and i was kiting again. The kite was really quick to respond and had an awesome pivot. Light on the bar and super fast relaunch before it would get munched up by a wave! If I was a kite surfer dedicated to riding the surf board, i dont think I would be riding any other kite to be honest. This is what its made for. If you dont see the light, try one and you will never go back!
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