2016 North Evo Kite Only

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2016 North Evo Kite Only Info

The Evo has a huge wind range, no matter which size you fly, the low end is exceptionally good and the 5-strut design keeps the kite stable in high winds too. When the wind is really blowing the Evo is fantastic for huge floaty jumps with lots of hangtime. The upwind ability of the kite is fantastic, ensuring you keep your spot on the beach, no matter how big the tricks are! Unhooking with the Evo is easy and the kite offers a power delay after you pop, allowing you to perform your tricks with ease. The Evo is the unsung hero of the North Kiteboarding range, it is perfect for freeride, freestyle and waves; it will be perfect for you!

6 21-39 22–24
7 19-37 22–24
8 17-35 22–24
9 15-33 22–24
10 13-31 22–24
11 12-28 22–24
12 11-25 22–24
13 10-23 22–27
14 9-19 22–27


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