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2016 Cabrinha FX Kite Only Info

The wait is finally over and may we introduce to you the 2016 Cabrinha FX, a 3 strut kite high performance freestyle kite that we have all been waiting so long for Cabrinha to release. The all new Cabrinha FX kite effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite. Just think of the predictability, upwind performance, and smooth power delivery of the Switchblade and great unhooked line slack, explosive pop, and kite loop abilities of the Chaos all thrown in a blender and mixed to perfection. Minus all the shredding of bridles, valves, and canopies of course. The new three strut, highly responsive platform gives riders the much needed power for explosive acceleration and the perfect amount of boost for huge lofty airs. The expanded “C” shape arc allows for aggressive kiteloops with the ability to hit the zenith in time for a soft landing. It's positive and direct steering as well as its quick relaunch make it perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. For all you long time Switchblade riders that have been waiting for something a little more geared to unhooked tricks and kiteloops but still has great relaunch the FX is your answer. The new Cabrinha FX is packed full of all the same features as the other kites in the 2015 Cabrinha line up such as Skeletal Frame, SPRINT airlock, 1X Depower System, and 2DR double ripstop material for the canopy.

Why You’ll Love the 2016 Cabrinha FX

  • Explosive pop and great hang time
  • Great line slack for unhooked riding
  • Forward pull for kiteloops
  • Excellent for vertical boosts
  • Highly responsive and direct steering
  • Smooth power delivery
  • More drive than a traditional C shaped kite
  • Predictable handling
  • Quick recovery
  • Good upwind performance


2016 Kite Tech

Since the natural shape of a kite in flight is a smooth arc Cabrinha have made the segmented sections of the kite more aerodynamic by cutting each canopy panel in half at the center section providing the ultimate curvature contol. When a kite is clean and smooth it will be faster through the sky giving you a broader range of performance. 

A dynamic arc allows the kite to have two distinct arc shapes, one optimized to keep the kite's intended shape while in flight and the other for when the kite is resting on the water waiting to be relaunched. While on the water the dynamic arc opens the span of the kite and orients the wingtips in a position to allow a super quick relaunch.

All Cabrinha kites are designed and built on a skeletal frame foundation. Skeletal frame technology allows us to make a lighter more durable kite by strategically placing the reinforcement weight materials into a framework that surrounds the lighter weight canopy 

Developed specifically for kitesurfing. Highly durable and low stretch in warp and weft. Excellent recovery on the bias. All Cabrinha kites are 100% 2DR Double Ripstop.

The 1X is not a depower system, it is a full blown shut down system. The 1X relies on only one line to immediately shut down the power of the kite whether it be on land or water in all wind conditions. 

 Allows you to quickly adjust the power level of your kite by the use of each rear line “pig tail” connector. Each rear line has three power positions: the middle being the factory recommended position, the knot closest to the kite giving more power, and the knot furthest from the kite which will give the least amount of power.


The Sprint Inflation System with Airlock is the fastest and easiest way to pump up your kite. The large one-way Airlock valve quickly feeds air into all of the struts from a single location. The Airlock connection to the Sprint pump now requires no special adapters. When the session is over, the entire kite will deflate in seconds thanks to the Airlock valve’s large dump feature.

This season the position of the A & B settings have been updated and completely change the way a kite flies. These options allow you to customize the feedback and bar pressure, adjust where the kite sits in the window, and balance the power/ de-power range of the kite.

A = The lightest bar pressure and lightest steering initiation. 
B = Much more feedback, more bar pressure, shortened depower, and more steering impulse to know where the kite is.


Overall Rating
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I rode this kite yesterday in a size 10 meter. The kite is simple and solid as a rock just like a switchblade. I usually ride the switchblade and wanted to test out this kite so see what all the hype is about. In the end I think I would prefer the switchblade, but this kite definetly turns faster with it's three strut design. But otherwise it feels just like a switchblade in the size 10 I rode. I did not absolutely love it.... I was hoping to love it even more than the Switchblade, but I did not. So I am giving this kite a 4 star review. Nothing bad about it, but I think the switchblade deserves a 5 star.

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Cabrinha must have really done lots of testing on this Kite! Right away I felt comfortable with the kite. The feeling of the FX kite is direct, quick and lively! The kite is easy to move around and generate power. The low-end of this kite is excellent, it has as much lowend as the swithcblade. The kite feels light because of the three strut construction and mininal pulleyless bridle. I liked the mid sizes 8-12 the best. I reccomend the kite highly for most kiters.

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Finally Cabrinha has done it! The 2016 Cabrinha FX is one of the most versatile all-around freestyle kites on the market. Going back to more of a traditional c kite standard they have brought to the table an extremely responsive very quick easy handling kite. If you're looking for big air, direct connect response, and immediate turning capability then the Cabrinha FX is for you. The FX gives you the all-around responsiveness for heavy powered handle pass tricks and mega loop capability unparalleled! For those old school riders the FX is also a tremendous wave kite. It is very quick allowing you to flip the kite on axis to gain power and agility wherever and whenever you need it. Definitely my go to kite for most conditions. Oh and did I mention it's one of the biggest jumping kites on the market, when they say "fly me to the moon" they really mean it. Ray LeRoy
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