2015 F-One Bandit 8 Kite Only

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2015 F-One Bandit 8 Info


The whole kite has been reassessed for the development of the new BANDIT, especially in terms of fabric usage and layout as the trailing edge has been completely redesigned. The kite also comes with a brand new 4-point bridle and a new canopy profile.

In you hands...

The first impression you will get when flying the kite or on the beach will be a real gain in stability. The new BANDIT is more stable and cleaner in the air. The bar feeling is neater and more direct. Especially the feedback when powering or depowering the kite is more accurate. The new profile also provides more forward traction and offers a more comfortable ride with less lateral pull.

The new 2015 BANDIT keeps its constant traction in the lower range without stalling, hence making it easier to ride underpowered. The kite flies through the lulls as if there were nothing but constant wind.

In the high range, the 2015 BANDIT can be depowered with no parasitic movement and remains clean. Combined with its more forward pull in on the edge of the window, the kite provides comfort and full confidence while riding.

The end result is a larger flying range with a neat gain in the higher and lower parts of the range.

The more irregular the wind, the more this kite will stand out!

Jumping hang time is better and upwind ability is fantastic!

With so many qualities on its side, the BANDIT is a kite that will help you getting better whatever your level or kind of practice. In a current market where most kites are getting more and more specific, the BANDIT really stands out by proving excellent in all kind of disciplines.

Height years of uninterrupted work on the Bandit and the Delta-C shape concept, guarantee that all sizes are really finely tuned.  This makes the whole range really consistent as they all share the same qualities and feelings with no period of adaptation required to switch from one size to another.



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