2017 Mystic Supporter

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- Soft neoprene edges
- Pre-curved side panels
- Double power leash rings
- Heavy duty seat part
- Comfortable legstraps
- Battle belt waist closure
- Comfortable foam panels
- Multi hook | clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point system
- Spreaderbar protector
- Detachable handle
- Ergonomically shaped

Multi hook | clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
The multi hook can be used for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Equipped with the clickerbar 3.0 it really does just take one click and you are ready to ride! The webbing of the four points system has four attachment points on the harness. You can adjust the tension on the spreaderbar with the top or the bottom straps.


Detachable handle
A functional handle in order to have the possibility to hold somebody at the back of the harness, recommended for tuition.


Soft neoprene edges
Soft neoprene prevents rash while riding on bare skin against the edges of the harness. It also creates a closer more comfortable fit. 


Battle belt waist closure
Makes sure the harness doesn't move around while riding and stops any unwanted discomfort.


Comfortable legstraps
Comfortable super soft neoprene straps around the upper leg used for seat harnesses to prevent unwanted chafing and increase the support given by the harness.


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