2017 Cabrinha Standard/Overdrive Control Bar w/ Recoil Parts

  1. Replacement Line Connector Set
  2. Rear Flying Lines x 2pcs (Black)
  3. Upper Front Flying Lines Only x 2pcs (White)
  4. Lower Front Flying Lines
  5. Powerbracket Seat
  6. Recoil CAS Replacement
  7. CAS Lower Triangle Link
  8. Depower Main Funnel
  9. Recoil Spring
  10. Recoil Slider
  11. Replacement CAS Trim Adjuster Set
  12. Depower Mainline
  13. Lower Landing Slf Line
  14. Overdrive Pull Handle
  15. Overdrive Bar End Replacement Bungee
  16. Quickloop Complete QR System
  17. Spinning Handle Top Set
  18. Spinning Handle Screw Set
  19. Knotted Spare Part Bungee
  20. Quickloop Harness Line Only
  21. Security Pin

Cabrinha Replacement Line Connector Set

Provides durable connection between control line and kite pigtails

Price: $17.99

2017 Cabrinha Rear Flying Lines

Rear Flying line set 2 x 22m - Black

Standard for 2009 - 2017 Control Bars.

Also to be used with 14m + 8m center lines 2014 - 2017 1X Control Bars.

Price: $78.99

2017 Cabrinha Upper Center Lines

Front Flying line set 2pcs x 14m - White
Standard for 2014 - 2017 1X Control Bars, used with 22M Rear Flying lines


Price: $58.99

2017 Cabrinha Lower Center Lines

Lower front flying line sections for use on 2014 - 2017 control bars with 14m upper flying lines. Ships with 2 pc.

Price: $46.99

Cabrinha Powerbracket Seat

1x Replacement Stainless Steel Power Bracket Seat for 1x Landing Line

Price: $10.99

2015 - 2017 Cabrinha Recoil CAS Replacement

Recoil Trim System; Includes: CAS (shackles & webbing), Bungee Trim Adjusters & Bungee Manager

Price: $58.99

Cabrinha CAS Lower Triangle Link

Shackle link between CAS and Depower main line

Price: $27.99

Cabrinha Depower Main Funnel

1X De-power main line Top Funnel

Price: $15.99

Cabrinha Recoil Spring

Black Stainless Steel CS Recoil Spring

Price: $10.99

Cabrinha Recoil Slider

2 pc slider with 2 fastening screws

Price: $14.99

2015 - 2017 Cabrinha Replacement CAS Trim Adjuster Set

Replacement Bungee Trim Adjuster Set

Price: $28.99

Cabrinha Lower Landing Slf Line

1x Elasticized Landing Line; Lower section of 1X SLF Front Line.
Sizes: TLC - TrimLite Cleat; RCL - Recoil CAS

Price: $14.99

2017 Cabrinha Depower Mainline

Black multi-bore PU tubing with Cleat, 4mm Dynema mainline & Split Top Spinning Handle

Price: $42.99

2017 Cabrinha Overdrive Pull Handle

1 Black and 1 Orange Toggle with lanyard lines.

compatible with any year overdrive bar.

Price: $9.99

2017 Cabrinha Overdrive Bar End Replacement Bungee

1 black and 1 Orange with PU T tabs and Black Webbing Pull Handles.

Price: $10.99

2017 Cabrinha Quickloop Complete QR System

Complete replacement Quickloop Quick Release system for 2017 Cabrinha Control bars.

021 Harness Loop size 21cm
023 Harness Loop size 23cm(STD)
026 Harness Loop size 26cm

Price: $120.99

Cabrinha Spinning Handle Top Set

1x Top Half of Split Spinning Handle;

Includes 2 Halves & Transition Plug

Price: $12.99

Cabrinha Spinning Handle Screw Set

10x Set Screw for Spinning Handle

Price: $12.99

Cabrinha Knotted Spare Part Bungee

2 lengths of bungee with tied knots and mark cloth wrap

Price: $15.99

2017 Cabrinha Quickloop Harness Line Only

Includes fixing screw
026 Quickloop Harness Line 26cm
023 Quickloop Harness Line 23cm(STD)
021 Quickloop Harness Line 21cm

Price: $21.99

2017 Cabrinha Security Pin

1x Black Security Pin;
013 = 13cm (use w/ 21cm harness loop),
015 = 15cm (use w/ 23cm STD harness loop)
018 = 18cm (use w/ 26cm harness loop)

Price: $18.99