2016 Cabrinha FX Kite Only

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I rode this kite yesterday in a size 10 meter. The kite is simple and solid as a rock just like a switchblade. I usually ride the switchblade and wanted to test out this kite so see what all the hype is about. In the end I think I would prefer the switchblade, but this kite definetly turns faster with it's three strut design. But otherwise it feels just like a switchblade in the size 10 I rode. I did not absolutely love it.... I was hoping to love it even more than the Switchblade, but I did not. So I am giving this kite a 4 star review. Nothing bad about it, but I think the switchblade deserves a 5 star.

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Cabrinha must have really done lots of testing on this Kite! Right away I felt comfortable with the kite. The feeling of the FX kite is direct, quick and lively! The kite is easy to move around and generate power. The low-end of this kite is excellent, it has as much lowend as the swithcblade. The kite feels light because of the three strut construction and mininal pulleyless bridle. I liked the mid sizes 8-12 the best. I reccomend the kite highly for most kiters.

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Finally Cabrinha has done it! The 2016 Cabrinha FX is one of the most versatile all-around freestyle kites on the market. Going back to more of a traditional c kite standard they have brought to the table an extremely responsive very quick easy handling kite. If you're looking for big air, direct connect response, and immediate turning capability then the Cabrinha FX is for you. The FX gives you the all-around responsiveness for heavy powered handle pass tricks and mega loop capability unparalleled! For those old school riders the FX is also a tremendous wave kite. It is very quick allowing you to flip the kite on axis to gain power and agility wherever and whenever you need it. Definitely my go to kite for most conditions. Oh and did I mention it's one of the biggest jumping kites on the market, when they say "fly me to the moon" they really mean it. Ray LeRoy
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