2016 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Only

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2016 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Board Info

The 2016 Cabrinha Double Agent is Cabrinha'a answer to getting their foot in the door of the ever growing foil market. The Double Agent is a hydrofoil board with the ability to convert into a fun surf skate directional by simply taking off the foil shaft and wings and attaching the included surf fins. Cabrinha didn't focus as much on creating a performance setup as other companies have but more of a setup that has multiple uses and ensures you will be grinning no matter how you use it. 

The foil setup itself is geared more for beginner/intermediate foilers who can't afford or don't want to spend 3K on a board and foil. The shaft itself is only 33" which is short compared to the Lift which is around 40" long. What this does is makes it better for beginners because it is easier to get up on foil, less prone to bucking up and down, and you can get up and riding in shallower water without worrying about hitting bottom. Downside is you won't be able to drive as much and will have less speed. Rather than going with the full carbon fiber approach Cabrinha have stuck with the simpler approach and less costly approach. The shaft is made of Aircraft grade aluminum so it can certainly take a beating and the wings are made from the same materials as the twin tips. You can be sure to still be out there riding on the sub 10kt days with everyone else when paired with the right size kite.

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