2015 Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard

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The 2015 Cabrinha Custom is proof that the Custom ceases to ever stop improving and for 2015 it includes the new Parabolic Rail, a shallower rocker, and more forgiving ride. The idea behind the Parabolic Rail is to reduce the weight of the board while still keeping the stiffness and torsional stiffness under your feet. This is done by moving volume from the center of the board and pushing it out towards the rails. Pair that with the basalt laminate construction and you have a stiffer center section while delivering a more responsive tip and tail flex and keeping the board weight to a minimum. The Custom keeps to its roots of catering to wakestyle riders and is a refined ride from many years of development in the wakestyle arena. The end result of all this refinement is a board with pure wakestyle performance and surprisingly great upwind ability. With the moderate rocker, double concave bottom, and parabolic rails this all together produces an incredibly smooth ride even in tight chop.

Why You’ll Love the 2015 Custom

  • Turns choppy water into your personal skate park
  • Excellent power control
  • Easy landings
  • Huge pop
  • Works well with straps or boots
  • Moderate rocker line
  • Firm flex
  • Outline hipped/ pulled in curve for power control
  • Double concave with center V and raised fin panels
  • 4x 30mm Hex flow GFN Fins


2015 Custom Features



133 x 40
136 x 41
139 x 42
142 x 43




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