2014 Ion Apex Select

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2014 Ion Apex Select Info

THE BEST OF THE BEST – Top level waist harness with a new Memory foam setup inside that guarantees a smooth and absolute perfect fit to the body. New X-Spine / Cross link construction. This harness unites an ultimate support and a high wearing comfort. Combining the 3D zone shape with a maximum of protection for the lower back muscles. Quick fit webbing construction for an easy and tight fit of the spreader bar.


  •  X-SPINE - X-style shaped / thermomoulded EVA protection; protecting the backwithout stiffening the harness.
  • Hip Protection-Foam padding to protect especially the pelvis bones if the body bends sideways.
  • Cross Link Webbing - Cross-over webbing lining which spreads the load over the complete backpart.
  • TORSION FREE CONSTRUCTION - Splitted inside reinforcement construction to give the harness flexibility in all directions
  • MEMORY FOAM 3.0 -Memory foam was originally developed by NASA 
for space shuttle seats to shoot their astronauts most 
comfortably and safe into space.
    This Visco – Elastic 
Foam adapts to the shape of your body very quickly and provides super comfortable and strong support.
    As Memory foam is highly elastic it spreads pressure 
in a smooth and consistent way along the body contours. Unlike other foams – EVA, Neoprene, … etc., Memory foam creates almost no pressure when returning to its original shape after being deformed This fact has a positive influence on the blood circulation and avoids point loads at the same time.
  • DUAL DENSITY FOAM - Thermomoulded inside foam construction in 2 different density areas:
    adaption area = middle zone = soft
    protection area = side zones = solid
  • Soft Edge - Soft neoprene edge around the harness body.
  • WRAP TEC - Preshaped harness construction which lets the harness wrap around the body automatically.
  • 3D ZONE SHAPE -Partial 3D zone shape in horizontal and vertical direction provides a perfect fit to the body and avoids the harness from slipping upwards.
  • QUICK FIT - Leverbuckle system which allows a quick and perfect adjustment of the spreader bar webbings.
  • INTERNAL FLEX BELT - Flexible soft waist belt.
  • HANDLE PASS LEASH SLIDER - Slim slidingtube to connect with the handle pass leash. New end-stopper fittings.
  • PUSH BUTTON SPREADER BAR - Safe and easy release system for the spreader bar.
  • BELT GARAGE - Revised Neoprene pockets over the buckles to store away the webbing endings.
  • Protection Pad - Protection plate with soft neoprene edges to protect the body against the spreader bar when moving upwards.
  • Bar KEEPER WAIST HARNESS -New belt-construction connects the lower part of the spreader bar to the lower part of the harness body. This waist harness bar keeper belt helps that the spreader bar stays in the low position.

Size Chart

Size  Inch
XS 25''-29''
S 28''-31''
M 30''-33''
L 32''-35''
XL 34''-37''


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